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ethospeciesEthospezies (ger.)

  • A group of organisms which are classified, on the basis of their behaviour, as one species.

    The terms “ethospecies” and “ethotype” are suggested for species and races primarily distinguished by their instinctive behavior

    Emerson, A.E. (1956). Ethospecies, ethotypes, taxonomy, and evolution of Apicotermes and Allognathotermes (Isoptera, Termitidae). American Museum Novitates No. 1771: 29.


    ethospecies Species distinguished primarily by behavioural traits.

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    Certain authors (such as Cain, 1954) have attempted to distinguish morphospecies, biospecies, paleospecies, ecospecies, ethospecies, and so on, but one does not have the impression that these terminological endeavours led to any new insights.

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