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ecotypeÖkotyp (ger.)

  • A phenotype of a species which is the result of genetic or developmental adaptation to life in a specific environment; esp. a subdivision of an ecospecies with a distinctive genotype. (OED 2012)
    The term ecotype is proposed here as ecological unit to cover the product arising as a result of the genotypical response of an ecospecies to a particular habitat.
    Turesson, G. (1922). The species and the variety as ecological units. Hereditas 3, 100-113: 112; cf. id. (1922). The genotypical response of the plant species to the habitat. Hereditas 3, 211-350: 345.

    ecotype 1: A locally adapted population; a race or infraspecific group having distinctive characters which result from the selective pressures of the local environment; ecological race. 2: A subunit within an ecospecies q. v. comprising individuals capable of interbreeding with members of that and other ecotypes within the ecospecies but remaining distinct through selection and isolation.

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