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transference of functiontransport de fonction (fr.); Funktionsübertragung (ger.)

  • The transference of a differentiated state from one body part (cell, tissue or organ) to adjacent parts. (HWB 2011)
    transport de fonction, sur un nerf qui naturellement n’est pas destiné à la remplir, n’existe pas
    Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, É. (1828). De la vision chez la Taupe. Bulletin universel des sciences et de l’industrie 15, 388-389: 389.
    shifting of organs, and transference of function from one organ to another, has been largely the method by which evolution has proceeded
    Lloyd, J.H. (1915). The morphology and functions of the corpus striatum. J. Nervous Mental Disease 15, 370-382: 377
    transference of function
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    transference of function
    Stebbins, G.L. (1970). Transference of function as a factor in the evolution of seeds and their accessory structures. Israel J. Bot. 19, 59-70.