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evolutionary biologyEvolutionsbiologie (ger.)

  • The branch of biology concerned with the evolution of living organisms; evolutionary theory as it impinges on other areas of biology; (more generally) an area of biology considered in the light of evolutionary theory. (OED)

    the apparent conflict between Evolutionary Biology and Christian dogma

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    These are the sort of questions which we must endeavour briefly to answer by the light of modern evolutionary biology, from the point of view of the function which each color specially subserves in the economy of the particular plant which displays it.

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    These are some of the evident advantages that bacteria possess for experimental research in evolutionary biology.

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    Evolutionary Biology
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    As soon as one goes beyond the level of purely descriptive structural biology, one finds two very different biological areas, which may be designated functional biology and evolutionary biology.

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    Evolutionary Biology

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    Untersuchungen und Diskussionen zur Evolutionsbiologie

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    evolutionary biology The integrated science of evolution, ecology, behaviour and systematics.

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    Die Evolutionsbiologie ist die Teildisziplin der Biologie, die sich der Evolution, ihrem Verlauf sowie ihren Ursachen und Mechanismen widmet.

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