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trait fitnessMerkmalsfitness (ger.)

  • The probability of a trait to be reproduced in a population.
    adaptation trait selection
    Fitness of a trait with a variable age of onset: A variable age of onset of a genetic trait poses special problems for the estimation of fitness
    Bodmer, W.F. (1968). Demographic approaches to the measurement of differential selection in human populations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of
    America 59, 690-699: 693.
    relative fitness of a trait can depend, not just on the physical environment of the population, but on what other traits are present in the population itself
    Sober, E. (1980). Holism, individualism, and the units of selection. Proc. Philos. Sci. Assoc. 198, vol. 2, 93-121: 103.
    I have argued that the concept of trait fitness is needed if evolutionary theory is to be able to express certain key ideas, and that the concept of trait fitness is not reducible to the idea of organismic ftness
    Sober, E. (1981). Evolutionary theory and the ontological status of properties. Philos. Stud. 40, 147-176: 167.
    Heritable variation in trait fitness – the statistical property of trait types – is both necessary and sufficient for change in the structure of a population due to selection
    Walsh, D.M. (2004). Bookkeeping or metaphysics? The units of selection debate. Synthese 138, 337-361: 347f.