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behavioural ecologyVerhaltensökologie (ger.)

  • The study of behaviour in an ecological context.  

    Biologists are now laying foundations for unparalleled expansion in a hitherto unemphasized phase of animal psychology, one that is not revolutionary but highly useful: namely, the field of Behavioral Ecology[.] Animal psychologists have neglected the study and appraisal of this important topic.

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    The student of behavioural ecology is in a position to make a two-way stratified sampling of behaviour-habitat units if he has available a census of the individuals of the community with their age, sex, and social class, and a map of the behaviour settings of the community.

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    Scientific highlights included symposia on the "Biology of Whales," "Geographical Speciation," and "Behavioral Ecology"

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    Behavioral ecology of the crab

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    Behavioral Biology
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    Behavioral Ecology
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    Verhaltensökologie des Stieglitzes

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    Einführung in die Verhaltensökologie

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