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ectodermEktoderm (ger.)

  • The outer layer of the blastoderm, also called epiblast. (OED)
    All the hydroid zoophytes can be proved to consist essentially of two distinct membranes; to the external of these membranes I shall give the name of ectoderm, and to the internal that of endoderm.
    Allman, G.J. (1853).On the anatomy and physiology of Cordylophora, a contribution to our knowledge of the Tubularian zoophytes. Philos. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond. 367-384: 368.
    More minutely examined, the body of the Hydra is found to be composed of two membranes, an ectoderm and an endoderm.
    Greene, J.R. (1861). Manual of the Animal Kingdom. A Manual of the Sub-Kingdom Coelenterata: 21; cf. ibid. 11.
    The wall of the sac [of hydrozoa] is composed of two cellular membranes, the outer of which is termed the ectoderm, and the former the endoderm, the former having the morphological value of the epidermis of the higher animals and the latter that of the epithelium of the alimentary canal.
    Huxley, T.H. (1877). A Manual of the Anatomy of Invertebrated Animals: 110 (germ. 1878: 47).