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trophodiversityTrophodiversität (ger.)

  • Complexity of ecological communities as a measure of (1) the number of species comprising one »trophospecies« in that community, (2) the average number of trophospecies on one trophical level and (3) the average length of the trohical chains in that community. (HWB)

    trophodiversity has at least three dimensions. The first of these is diversity within trophospecies. By this I mean the number of biospecies (or other meaningful categories) contained in each trophospecies in a food web. […] The other two dimensions have to do with the diversity of trophospecies. But this has at least two aspects that need to be distinguished: horizontal diversity and vertical diversity. Horizontal diversity has to do, in some sense, with diversity within “trophic levels”. This might involve any of the various different definitions one could suggest for “trophic level” […], or it might be framed in terms of the number of basal or of herbivorous species […], or in terms of dominant cliques […]. Vertical diversity has to do with food chain lengths.

    Yodzis, P. (1993). Environment and trophodiversity. In: Ricklefs, R.E. & Schluter, D. (eds.). Species Diversity in Ecological Communities, 26-38: 30.