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et-epimeleticet-epimeletisch (ger.)

  • A behaviour demanding care. (HWB)
    parental care epimeletic
    The social behavior of sheep and mice may be divided into several types, as follows: (1) allelomimetic behavior, or mutual imitation, (2) epimeletic behavior, or care and attention, (3) et-epimeletic behavior, the calling or signalling for care and attention, (4) sexual behavior and (5) fighting behavior.

    Scott, J.P. (1945). Group formation determined by social behaviour. A comparative study of two mammalian societies. Sociometry 8, 42-52: 43; cf. id. (1950). The social behavior of dogs and wolves: an illustration of sociobiological systematics. Ann. New York Acad. Sci. 51, 1009-1021: 1013.


    etepimeletic Used of social behaviour patterns in young animals serving to elicit care from adults; cf. epimeletic.

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