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  • A group of individuals seen as a spatio-temporal unit bound together by breeding relations.
    species evolutionary species

    clusters of lineages form over evolutionary time. We require an account of why they cluster before we can apply historical conceptions such as phylospecies or evospecies.

    Wilkins, J.S. (2006). The concept and causes of microbial species. Stud. Hist. Philos. Life Sci. 28, 389-408: 392.


    Evolutionary species concepts, as with some phylogenetic species concepts, tend to adopt the metaphysical species-as-individuals thesis of Ghiselin and Hull […]. Evospecies, as we might call these entities, are something of a hybrid notion, to my mind. They are phyletic objects, but they are often presented as achieving grades of organization, and often run wich evolutionary systematics (itself a hybrid, conjoining phylogenetic and adaptive conceptions of classification).

    Wilkins, J.S. (2009). Species. A History of the Idea: 203.