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  • The development and use of biomimetic materials, methods, etc.; the branch of science concerned with this. (OED 2007)    
    cultural studies

    Let us consider what bionics has come to mean operationally and what it or some word like it (I prefer biomimetics) ought to mean in order to make good use of the technical skills of scientists specializing, or, more accurately, despecializing into this area of research.

    Schmitt, O.H. (1963). Signals assimilable by living organisms and by machines. IEEE Transactions on Military Electronics 7, 90-93: 90 (also in: Information Processing by Living Organisms and Machines. Papers Presented at 1963 Bionics Symposium held 19-21 March: 5).


    [biomimetic transforms    

    Schmitt, O.H. (1969). Some interesting and useful biomimetic transforms. Proceedings of the 3rd International Biophysics Congress 1969, 297.]

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