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  • The condition or degree of being an organism.
    organism organismicity

    All proclamations denying hominal organismality to the implanted conceptus are biologically inaccurate no matter how laden they are with the purposes—good or otherwise—of those who argue the “potentiality” of the unborn child. […] All hominal organisms, and their unborn progeny who have achieved biological organismality [...] shall be equally protected under the law and shall not be deprived of life

    Diamond, J.J. (1976). Testimony before the Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments, May 9, 1975. In: Abortion, part IV. Hearings before the Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments of the Committee on the Judiciary, Ninety-forth Congress, First Session, 605-615: 606; 611; cf. id. (1976). Abortion, animation and biological hominization. In: Abortion, part IV, 594-605: 603.


    Life is a class, and organismality is defining

    Ghiselin, M.T. (1997). Metaphysics and the Origin of Species: 91.


    standard evolutionary models cannot explain the origin of organismality

    Griesemer, J.R. (2005). The informational gene and the substantial body: on the generalization of evolutionary theory by abstraction. In: Jones, M.R. & Cartwright, N. (eds.). Idealization XII: Correcting the Model. Idealization and Abstraction in the Sciences, 59-115: 69.


    the evolution of organismality

    Queller, D.C. & Strassmann, J.E. (2009). Beyond society: the evolution of organismality. Philos. Trans. Roy. Soc. B 364, 3143-3155.