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  • Of or relating to an organism; of the nature of an organism; at the level of the organism; organic.
    organism organismic

    look upon such conditions of organismal life as are accompanied by effusions, adhesions, and ulcerations, &c, and such diseases will be found to be those which are most under our control.

    Willshire, W.H. (1842). On the subjectivity of disease (continued). The Lancet 1, 746-749: 746.


    the reproductive apparatus, extending its organismal influence beyond its own boundaries, and into the domain of other organs with which it has no direct anatomical connection

    Meigs, C.D. (1848). Females and their Diseases: 458.


    the Organismal Conception of Life

    Ritter, W.E. (1919). The Unity of the Organism, or the Organismal Conception of Life.