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transplantationtransplantatio (lat.); Transplantation (ger.)

  • 1) The removing of a plant from one place or soil and planting it in another. (OED)
    12th century AD

    Mystice autem arbor hec, cuius fructus sanguine rubet, Christum designare potest, sanguine passionis rubricandum: qui, feruente persecutione, contra fidem apostolorum instar sinapis attritione augendam, de synagoga ad gentilitatem transferendus est, sicut arbor de terra eradicata et mirabiliter in mare transplantata. Vt hec transplantatio fieret, necesse erat fidem apostolorum augeri contra scandala, que, sicut Dominus predixerat, impossibile erat non euenire.

    Balduinus de Forda (12th cent.). De commendatione fidei (ed. D.N. Bell 1991): cap. 46.


    Neither need they any remoouing or transplantation at all.

    Holland, P. (transl.) (1601). Pliny, The Historie of the World, vol. 1: 510 (xvii, x).

  • 2) The pretended magical cure of disease by causing it to pass to another person, or to an animal or plant. (OED)
    before 1541

    zu der arbeyt der transplantation, nemlichen, dasz das zergengliche corpus verendert wird mögen

    Paracelsus (before 1541). Opera II, 685.


    Cures of all Infirmities, by way of Transplantation

    Boulton, S. (1655). Medicina Magica […] containing the general Cures of all Infirmities, by way of Transplantation.

  • 3) The operation of transferring an organ or a portion of tissue from one part of the body, or from one person or animal, to another.
    disease chimera hybrid

    Besides those examples that are seen in the transplantation of the teeth, it must be confessed that instances of reunion among parts which had been entirely separated are very rare in the human body.

    Thomson, J. (1813). Lectures on Inflammation: 239.

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