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evolverEvolver (ger.)

  • 1)  (Divine) power guiding the process of evolution (HWB)  

    We are told by some of our friends, that law implies a lawgiver, that evolution implies an evolver: the only question is, Where is the lawgiver? where is the evolver? where are they located?

    Cope, E.C. (1883). The evidence for evolution in the history of the extinct mammalia. Science 2, 272-9: 277.


    there can never be to man a creation without a creator, nor an evolution without an evolver

    Folwell, W.W. (1883). [Address]. Science 2, 227-8: 228.


    Since evolution could not accout for the origin of matter or for eternal rational truths, man still required an "evolver" or a god.

    Cohen, N.W. (1984). The challenges of Darwinism and biblical criticism to American Judaism. Modern Judaism 4, 121-57: 124.

  • 2) Operational unit in evolution (HWB).
    evolution evolvon

    Evolvers are individuals

    Williams, M.B. (1989). Evolvers are individuals: extension of the species as individuals claim. In: Ruse, M. (ed.). What the Philosophy of Biology Is. Essays Dedicated to David Hull, 301-8.