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  • A cline associated with variations in the locality of the species concerned. (OED)

    Prefixes can be used to denote clines of different types, for example topocline.

    Gregor, J.W. (1939). Experimental taxonomy, IV. Population differentiation in North American and European sea plantains allied to Plantago maritima L. New Phytologist 38, 293-322: 317.


    it is possible that there is a topocline as well as an ecocline, i.e. that as the species goes eastwards and southwards, it changes gradually, until, in the Balkans, it becomes sufficiently distinct to be described as a separate subspecies, subspecies neglecta W. Becker.

    Valentine, D.H. (1941). Variation in Viola riviniana Rchb. New Phytologist 40, 189-209: 205.