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extended replicatorerweiterter Replikator (ger.)

  • Every structure and every behaviour with a a function for the production of similar structures or behaviours in following generations.

    The Received View takes evolution to be the result of competition between individual organisms varying in fitness by virtue of heritable characteristics. […] The Gene’s Eye sees evolution as the result of competition between genes that differ primarily in their capacities to affect interactors. […] The Extended Replicator hijacks these conceptual tools without any commitment to the idea that genes are the sole, or even the predominant, replicator. The Gene's Eye fades into this conception as we recognise more and more nongenetic replicators.

    Sterelny, K., Smith, K.C. & Dickison, M. (1996). The extended replicator. Biol. Philos. 11, 377-403: 378.