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endoreduplicationEndoreduplikation (ger.)

  • The multiplication of chromosome sets within a cell which takes place two or more times between mitosis and leads to an expansion of the cell-volume; repeated cycles of DNA synthesis without cell-division.
    growth endomitosis
    If old specialized cells re-enter mitosis, the chromosomes often turn out to have undergone double (or even multiple) reproduction […:] endoreduplication
    Levan, A. & Hauschka, T.S. (1953). Endomitotic reduplication mechanisms in ascites tumors of the mouse. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 14, 1-43: 3.
    explanations for the appearance of polyploid nuclei may be sought in polysomaty or endoreduplication in which the chromosomes are duplicated within the energic nucleus or, in polyteny wherein the number of strands of the chromosomes is increased also within the energic nucleus
    Straus, J. (1954). Maize endosperm tissue grown in vitro, II. Morphology and cytology. American Journal of Botany 41, 833-839: 838.
    In Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana), the size of mature leaf pavement cells is correlated to their ploidy levels, which vary from 2C to 32C, due to differences in the number of endoreduplication cycles they have undergone (Melaragno et al., 1993). It is currently not clear when cells endoreduplicate and if endoreduplication drives the expansion process or vise versa.
    Beemster, G.T.S. et al. (2005). Genome-wide analysis of gene expression profiles associated with cell cycle transitions in growing organs of Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 138, 734-743: 734.