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extranuclear inheritanceextranukleäre Vererbung (ger.)

  • Non-Mendelian heredity attributed to DNA in organelles such as mitochondria or chloroplasts; also called extrachromosomal inheritance, cytoplasmic inheritance, maternal inheritance. (Oxford Dict. of Genetics 2007)
    extranuclear inheritance
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    in plants […] mendelian studies have revealed extranuclear inheritance more commonly than in animals

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    [the rapid rise of genetics, resulting in the ever widening recognition of the universal character of Mendelian mechanisms, has indubitably overshadowed [...] the recurrent claims of evidence for the occurrence of extranuclear heredity

    Ephrussi, B. (1951). Remarks on cell heredity. In: Dunn, L.C. (ed.). Genetics in the 20th Century, 241-262: 242.]

    extranuclear inheritance
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    Ephrussi and Sonneborn follow with the theories of extranuclear inheritance

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