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behavioural inheritance systemVererbungssystem des Verhaltens (ger.)

  • Determination of traits through learning of an individual in its lifetime (e.g. the acquisition of songs by birds). (HWB 2011)

    Language is part of the behavioral inheritance system.

    Jablonka, E., Lamb, M.J. & Avital, E. (1998). ‘Lamarckian’ mechanisms in darwinian evolution. Trends Ecol. Evol. 13, 206-210: 208.


    The Regeneration of Behavior: The Behavioral Inheritance Systems (BISs) […] I will distinguish three general types of transfer of behavioral information: The first is very similar to the whole-organism transgenerational reproduction of phenotypes, […] but focuses on behavior. […] The second type of transfer of behavioral information occurs through nonimitative social learning. […] The third type of BIS is learning by imitation and/or instruction.

    Jablonka, E. (2001). The systems of inheritance. In: Oyama, S., Griffiths, P.E. & Gray, R.D. (eds.). Cycles of Contingency, 99-116: 109-11.