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epigenetic inheritanceepigenetische Vererbung (ger.)

  • A mode of inheritance that depends on cellular mechanism but is not related to the base sequence of DNA.

    [Genetic inheritance can transmit only from parents to children, whereas the epigenetic inheritance of material culture can transmit to an entire contemporary generation, obviously a great gain in efficiency.

    Feibleman, J.K. (1965). Artifactualism. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 25, 544-559: 550.]


    the effects on pigment production seen in mass cultures and high levels of H are interpreted as “modulations” or transient changes in expression of the differentiated state, rather than any alteration of the basic epigenetic inheritance of the cells themselves.

    Cahn, R.D. & Cahn, M.B. (1966). Heritability of cellular differentiation: clonal growth and expression of differentiation in retinal pigment cells in vitro. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sic. USA 55, 106-114: 112.