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environEnviron (ger.)

  • A subsystem at any level in a system hierarchy (holon) together with its output to or input from its environment.  
    environment holon

    An environ is a creaon and its corresponding input environment, or a genon and its relatied output environment. […] A system can be constructed as a set union of mutually disjoint and exhaustive object/environment elements (environs).

    Patten, B.C. (1978). Systems approach to the concept of environment. Ohio J. Sci. 78, 206-222: 206; 217.


    an environ is defined as a holon together with its associated within-system environment (Patten 1978).

    Patten, B.C. (1982). Environs: relativistic elementary particles for ecology. American Naturalist 119, 179-219: 199.