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EmbryobiontaEmbryobionten (ger.)

  • Any member of the taxonomic group Embryophyta, comprising plants in which the zygote develops into an embryo within protective parental tissue, and including all land plants.
    plant Embryophyta

    We have chosen the name Embryobionta for the subkingdom, in preference to Cormobionta or Telomobionta. […] The most characteristic feature of the whole subkingdom is that the sporophyte begins its development as a parasite on the gametophyte (or on the adult sporophyte), and the name Embryobionta properly reflects this feature.

    Cronquist, A., Takhtajan, A. & Zimmermann, W. (1966). On the higher taxa of Embryobionta. Taxon 15, 129-134: 130.