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evolutionary stable strategyevolutionär stabile Strategie (ger.)

  • A behavioural pattern (a “strategy”) of organisms that is preserved in evolutionary settings when confronted with alternative patterns by other organisms, i.e. a strategy that cannot be replaced (by means of natural selection) by any alternative, invading strategy.  
    social behaviour

    We are seeking for an ‘evolutionary stable strategy’, or ESS for short. A strategy qualifies as an ESS if, in a population in which most individuals adopt it, there is no alternative strategy which will pay better.

    Maynard Smith, J. (1972). On Evolution: 21.

    an ESS is a strategy such that, if most of the members of a population adopt it, there is no ›mutant‹ strategy that would give higher reproductive fitness
    Maynard Smith, J. & Price, G.R. (1973). The logic of animal conflict. Nature 246, 15-18: 15.