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epigamicepigam (ger.)

  • Relating to the mating of animals and the characteristics of colour, etc., which serve to attract the opposite sex during courtship. (OED 2012)

    Epigamic Colours. Colours displayed in courtship.

    Poulton, E.B. (1890). The Colours of Animals: 338.


    characters are called epigamic which are known by observation to be used in mating or its preliminaries.

    Richards, O.W. (1927). Sexual selection and allied problems in the insects. Biol. Rev. 2, 298-360: 299.


    All selection connected with sex-limited epigamic characters must be intra-specific, because intra-sexual.

    Huxley, J.S. (1938). Darwin’s theory of sexual selection and the data subsumed by it, in the light of recent research. Amer. Nat. 72, 416-433: 429.


    epigamic Used of any character or trait that serves to attract or stimulate individuals of the opposite sex during courtship, other than essential structures and behaviour of copulation; epigamous

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