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organoidOrganoid (ger.)

  • Resembling an organic substance; resembling an organ. (OED 2004)  

    No sooner does that cease to be alive than it falls down into masses of fibrin jelly, and their likes; exposed to moisture and air, these in their turn speedily fall down into still less organoid compounds

    Anonymus (1852). [Rev. Wilkinson, J.J. G. (1851). The Human Body and its Connexion with Man, Illustrated by the Principal Organs]. The North British Review 70-77: 75 (the term does not appear in the book reviewed).


    Organoides, applied to a mineral which presents the structure of an organised body; for example, to the wood of a madrepore, as the Chalcedon organoïdes: organoid.

    Mayne, R.G. (1853-1860). An expository lexicon of the terms, ancient and modern, in medical and general science, 9 vols. (acc. to OED 2011).