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bioecosystemBioökosystem (ger.)

  • An ecosystem viewed from the standpoint of organisms and their interactions.  
    ecosystem geoecosystem

    The implication from the present study that diatom blooms may contribute significantly to the biotin budget of a marine bio-ecosystem needs verification from culture studies.

    Antia, N.J. et al. (1963). Further measurement of primary production using a large-volume plastic sphere. Limnol. Oceanograph. 8, 166-183: 172.


    Bioökosystem: die Funktionseinheit pflanzlicher und tierischer Lebensgemeinschaften, welche im […] Bioökotop zusammenwirken, in dem sie als ein sich selbst regulierendes Wirkungsgefüge auftreten

    Leser, H. (1984). Zum Ökologie-, Ökosystem- und Ökotopbegriff. Natur Landsch. 59, 351-357: 355.


    Another solution would differentiate “bio-ecosystems” from “geo-ecosystems”; the first organisms-centered, the second Earth-spaces-centered.

    Rowe, J.S. & Barnes, B.V. (1994). Geo-ecosystems and bio-ecosystems. Bull. Ecol. Soc. Amer. 75, 40-41: 41


    his [Tansley’s] idea of “ecosystem” was primarily what we have called the “bioecosystem,” centered on the organism […] rather than on landscape entities. […] The distinction between “bioecosystem” and “geoecosystem” removes a source of confusion in the ecological literature. […] the “bioecosystem” idea will doubtless be the definition of choice by those interested primarily in organisms

    Rowe, J.S. (1997). Defining the ecosystem. Bull. Ecol. Soc. Amer. 78, 95-97: 95; 96.